This just in! New products we are excited about

Want to know about our next Schmincke Watercolor Set?

We are working with Schmincke to develop the next new custom set, expected stateside in October 2017. This palette of colors is a split primary set selected from the new colors that Schmincke released earlier this year. All colors are single-pigment with good or better lightfastness.

It will be in a squarish tin (for 18 half pans) loaded with these 12 new colors:

74774097^2AQ344 Perylene Red Dark

AQ359 Saturn Red

AQ483 Cobalt Azure

AQ477 Phthalo Sapphire

AQ222 Yellow Orange

AQ205 Rutile Yellow

AQ370 Potter’s Pink

AQ371 Perylene Violet

AQ784 Perylene Green

AQ789 Hematite Black

AQ513 Viridian

AQ672 Mahogany

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