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The Science of Watercolor taught by Jinjer Markley

Multi-Session Class

Meets Tuesdays, June 22, July 6, 20, August 3 from 4-5pm CT
$80 – $88 includes kit of supplies – in store pick up or ship

Watercolor has a life of its own, which can be charming…or frustrating. In this class you will make your own watercolor paint while learning the chemistry of why watercolor paints look and act the way they do, and why each tube of paint has its own personality. We will learn the properties of watercolors, and how they can be used to achieve different looks. You will make annotated reference cards to help you remember which colors are suitable for each look. You will also learn to read the manufacturer’s symbols and sample sheets to predict the behavior of each tube before you buy it. We will also learn how to read a color wheel, and the basics of how to mix colors to achieve the look you want. The class comes with a kit that supplies most of what students will need for the class, including a dot card of all of the paints we will use.

Class 1: Watercolor Chemistry

Class 2: Watercolor Personalities

Class 3: Primary Watercolors and the Color Wheel

Class 4: Mixing Colors and Specialty Watercolors

Students need to supply:

  • Palettes
  • Paintbrushes– size 3-6 round and/or ½” flat
  • Paper towel or rag
  • Containers for holding water, including boiling water
  • Mortar and pestle or a spoon and bowl, if you don’t have one. 
  • A small amount of honey.
  • A flat piece of glass without scratches. For example, the glass in a picture frame.  At least 8” on shortest side.
  • A glass or glass tumbler (type for drink) with a smooth, flat bottom (for grinding). If you want, you can purchase a grinding muller for this.
  • A plastic card like a credit card.
  • Incandescent light source OR window with a piece of aluminum foil taped to it. (Incandescent lights are old fashioned lightbulb). (Example: flashlight, lamp, overhead light)
  • Fluorescent light source (lamp or overhead light)
  • App that converts image to B and W, such as Black Cam
  • Additional watercolor paper, as desired 
  • (optional): a hair dryer

Ticket Instruction: You must choose a quantity to activate “get tickets”.