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Rosemaling Brush Techniques Series: #2 Liner Brush Strokes taught by Julie Anderson

Virtual Event Virtual Event

February 1 @ 7:00 pm 8:30 pm


Class #2 Liner Brush Strokes

Learn the basics brush strokes of the beautiful Norwegian decorative painting tradition called Rosemaling. Rosemaling requires the skill to create a variety of strokes using liner brushes and paint. Gaining control with a liner brush takes time and practice, so this class will focus just on the liner brush. If you have not painted before or want to improve your brush control for any type of painting you do, this is the class for you. Painting will be done with acrylic paint.

Topic: Basic strokes with a liner brush and line work compositions


Surface: several sheets of paper. Any paper will do.

Paint:  Acrylic Paint: (any student grade paint is fine for this class). Only one color is needed for this class. Any color of your choice. The 2 ounce bottles of an inexpensive soft bodied acrylic paint will be fine.  Americana Acrylic by Deco Arts is available at Wet Paint. 

Brushes:  (if you are only taking the round brush class, you will only need the round brush. If only taking the liner class, then only the liner brush is needed. )

You will need 1 Round brush and 1 Liner brush. Wet Paint has Princeton Select Liners and Princeton Select Rounds.

Round Brush Class:  1 Princeton Select Round #6, #5 or #4.  (Princeton Velvet Touch is also fine)  #6#5, or #4

Liner Brush Class:  1 Princeton Select Liner #1 or #2

Palette If you purchase, there are many options, however, a plastic container top (i.e. yogurt or cottage cheese), plate (plastic or paper) will work.

A few soft paper towels to clean brushes (many painters us Viva). Water container, such as a plastic container i.e. plastic cup, yogurt or cottage cheese. Paper and pen/pencil to write notes.

Brush preserver/soap pick one for acrylic paint (there are many choices, a bar of soap, Pink Soap, the Master’s Brush Cleaner and Preserver. (Only one is needed)

Wear clothes that if they get paint on them you will not be upset or an apron/shirt. Container for storing and carrying supplies (i.e. shoe box, ice cream bucket)

Optional:  Plastic sheet protector – this is handy to paint on if you want to insert practice stroke work page.

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