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School Kits

school kits available at wet paint or request to have one added

Did your professor create a kit with us? Click on your school below to see the kits available at Wet Paint.

All kits listed are available for purchase in the store. Some kits are also available to purchase online if your instructor has chosen this; these kits have a deadline posted in their description. All kits purchased prior to the posted deadline will be delivered to your classroom and distributed by your instructor. Kits will still be available for purchase in-store after the delivery deadline (while supplies last).

PLEASE NOTE: These kits are available online through special arrangements with instructors from various schools. Wet Paint makes several kits for classes not listed here. If you do not see your class or kit, please contact us at 651-698-6431.


Have a school kit request or question?

If you are a teacher and are interested in having Wet Paint prepare
a supply kit for your class, we’d love to hear from you.

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